20 September 2014 @ 08:22 pm
Title: In his arms
Pairing: 2jun
Length: drabble
Genre: fluff
Rating: pg

Summary: they are just cuddling on the couch, watching a soccer match.

( It was so easy to do so when Doojoon was around. )
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18 September 2014 @ 11:36 pm
Title: Ending Page
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Pairing: 2jun
Summary: Sometimes, people couldn't turn the pages because there were still some things to write on them.
A/N : Another weird writing from me >.< (maybe it's because I'm listening way too much to super junior these days, idk XD) This drabble is inspired by the prompt [Photo] and a song from there for tomorrow. Enjoy it :o

Ending Page
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15 September 2014 @ 11:05 am
Title: My escape -12- (edited)
Pairing: 2jun
Length: chaptered
Genre: fluff - angst
Rating: pg
Word count: 1556 (after editing: 3786)

( Doojoon glanced at his flatmate, wondering what he was thinking of upon seeing the little smile edged on his lips. )
13 September 2014 @ 02:18 am
Title: Raining Spell For Love
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Junseung
Summary: Junhyung had always found his neighbor weird, really weird.
A/N : It's been a while since I wrote a 4D Hyunseung. Hope you'll enjoy it, guys :3 Prompt [Rain]

Raining Spell For Love
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05 September 2014 @ 07:43 pm
Title: Collide with the Sky
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairing: Junseung
Summary: Junhyung goes through the five stages of loss and grief.
Warnings: Character's death, depression.
A/N : This is it ! I'm finally breaking my hiatus, and I'm back with a ridiculous huge amount of angst XD

Chapter 4: Filth in the Beauty
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21 August 2014 @ 07:37 pm
Title: Korean Boys and Cosplay
Author: B2utifulyoebo
Pairing: None
Genre: Comedy
Word count: 1004
Rating: G
Summary: Yoseob's sister bought him the new Pokemon game... Sadly, he forgot to check for the catch.

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17 August 2014 @ 11:42 pm
Title: My escape -12-
Pairing: 2jun
Length: chaptered
Genre: fluff - angst
Rating: pg

Summary: “Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won't judge you. This person is your soulmate, your best friend. Don't ever let them go.”

( another chapter and OH MY GOD yes! It's 2jun again! Apparently there's too much 2jun going on... )
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